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One trend that bores me everytime its back is the cropped-tee look! Nothing ever fascinates me about this I-go-to-college trend!

As much as I hate portraying this look, I though I’d rather make it work with layers! And, it was so much fun!

Following are a few of my favourite looks while pairing a cropped tee/shirt over a basic tank top!


keeping it casual!




dinner-date with your BFFs!



and more ways to carry it off!



Sienna Miller: perfect just-another-day look!!

and you know what is the most interesting factor about this trend? it is all about D-I-Y style!! 😉 bring out those scissors and that old tank/shirt and have some fun! 🙂



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Must-have Black pant!

The versatility of a black pant completely amazes me!

When I wore them on Friday, nobody at work recognised these were the same pants I wore on Monday!

Wide or straight legged, skinny or slouchy, high waist or buttoned up, however you like it, INVEST in one of those!

Wear them with blouses, long shirts, striped tees, floral prints, lace tops or just a simple white shirt! To add that extra fizz, flip on a blazer or team it with statement neck-pieces. Carrying the right bag and choosing the best heel completes the whole look!


Monday To Friday <anti-clock wise>


Now now, even your boss would shut up! 🙂

Pic Courtesy: net-a-porter

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